New Brooklit Bride Fashion Illustration Print

Over the weekend I added this lovely new bridal print to Brooklit Bride, my bridal fashion illustration print shop. I sketched her about a month ago, while procrastinating by sketching (and instagraming) instead of getting ready for a wedding I had to head to over in Brooklyn. Since drawing her she's been front and center on my shelves and I simply adore her. I've named this print "Martha" since she's inspired by a photo I pinned from Martha Stewart Weddings and the name just seemed to fit her personality as well we the charming vintage vibe of her J.Crew wedding gown.

To purchase a print of Martha or for information on my custom bridal fashion illustrations, click on over to Brooklit Bride.

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Anonymous said...

Martha is so lovely and sweet! Love her!

Brooke said...

Thank you! I have to admit she's one of my faves. :)