Custom Fashion Illustration Gifts: Neutrogena Beauty Bloggers

(©BrookeHagel Illustrations, top-to-bottom: Dovey Kim Cute and Mundane, Alexis Johnson Beauty Bender, Liesa Goins The Daily Glow)
Recently Neutrogena commissioned me to illustrate about twenty top beauty bloggers sketched with their favorite Neutrogena products. These custom fashion illustrations were a surprise gift sent to each of the beauty bloggers. Although I couldn't resist snapping a instagram when I finished I wasn't able to reveal the sketches and full details of the project until now, making sure all the women received their custom illustrations first.
(©BrookeHagel Illustration: Bridgette Duplantis The Not So Blog
It was really fun to work on these beauty blogger illustrations. I wanted to capture their over look or style in a "quickie" illustration, similar to the ones I do when event-sketching although here I didn't have people watching me and I wasn't on such a time crunch. The sketches weren't meant to be fully rendered and polished, the goal was simply to capture each girl and have her holding her favorite Neutrogena product. (Which the Neutrogena team researched and provided me with beforehand.) I'm really happy with how the sketches came out and hope the beauty bloggers liked them as well. Many of the ladies have already tweeted and instagramed me thank yous and photos with their sketches, which is always a treat to see! 
(©BrookeHagel Illustrations: Kathryn Romeyn Beauty Bender, Karen Monterichard Makeup and Beauty Blog
Each original fashion illustration was rendered on 7"x9" white card stock, making them ideal for displaying on their own (as shown below,) on inspiration board, or framed.
(@BrookeHagel Illustration of Meredith Edwards-Cornwall Retrodivas Beauty
If you'd like to commission a group of custom fashion illustrations to give to your clients, friends, bloggers or colleagues you can email me at for rates and information on group orders.

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