Inspired by Gray Gardens

Today I'm sharing another fun floral fashion illustration on craft paper. This one was inspired by gray gardens, not the movie of course or the eccentric Beales but by the beautiful monochromatic floral patterns that are popping up throughout both fashion and home in various shades of gray, as shown in the examples above:

1. Gray floral printed dress by Styul.

2. Printed floral tote with leather handles by Gap.

3. Lauren Ralph Lauren Cocktail Dress dinnerware. (Side note; a few years ago I had the pleasure of the visiting the Ralph Lauren Home design studio and offices and was blown away by their extensive trend boards and how meticulous they are about translating fashion to home decor. Which this intricate "Cocktail Dress" dinnerware pattern is a perfect example of.)

4. Duvet set by H&M Home.

I hope you enjoy seeing how I take a trend and interpret it into fashion illustration. This illustration was actually drawn/painted with gouache the same day as the one from my last inspiration post, Blue and White. The dramatically draped skirt is based on this photo from my She's a Sketch Pin board and I adorned it with a loose organic gray floral print. For more snapshots of my daily inspirations and things I'm working on you can follow me on Instagram @brooklit.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of wearing a long, flowy skirt with a floral print :) The colors make it look very classy & timeless.

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Brooke said...

Thank you!