Custom Bridal Illustration Wedding Gift

Custom bridal fashion illustrations commissioned as wedding gifts are continually in the works in my studio yet I haven't featured any in some time. I drew this beautiful bride weeks ago as a wedding gift from her assistant. Yesterday I was reminded of them, and this illustration which I loved, while waiting for someone in their same office building, the Hearst Tower. After sucessfully searching my camera roll I thought it was time to share the photos and illustration. This was a gorgeous gown to draw, with a soft champagne colored lining subtly peeking out beneath an intricate lace overlay.

This photo was taken just before packing and sending the bride the original sketch. All original custom bridal illustrations are adhered to a matte board to prevent bending, tied in a white tulle bow and placed in a cardboard photo mailer along with a thank you note and business card, both featuring my illustrations.

For more information on my custom bridal illustrations you can check out the gift certificate and custom listings in bridal print shop Brooklit Bride.

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Michelle said...

I definitely hope that when my time comes to get married that someone gifts me one of these illustrations of yours as well!