Party Sketching Golden Portraits for La Prairie

Today I'm sharing custom painted golden portraits of beauty editors I created for luxury skincare brand La Prairie at a private press preview party for their new products due out in February. The brand requested I work only in gold and custom illustrate only profiles. Painting solely in gold was a unique request, and it took a few trips to the art store to settle on the right mediums to achieve various effects and looks I was after to render highlights and shadows in all one cohesive color. It took a few tries to find what worked but in the end I found the right golden portrait formula. I really enjoying experimenting with new mediums and techniques, and dabbling with mixtures of gold acrylic paint, gouache, ink, pastel, brush paint pens and pencil to successfully render golden profile portraits that reflected La Prairies new "endless radiance" product.
La Prairies new product being launched contained gold so it was only natural the event was held at "golden hour" atop the Hugo Hotel with views of the Manhattan sunset. It was also the perfect event for my new luxe desk accessories! I recently received the most gorgeous Addison Weeks brass and moonstone cup (show above) as a gift which was perfect to hold and display my bevy of brushes. I scoured Etsy for new business card holders to compliment my brass and stone beauty and found a great shop of handmade stone objects created by a kitchen fabricator in California saving smaller unwanted pieces. He took my request for white marble and made me a long card holder of Carrara marble. It displays three cards at once so guests could see an assortment and choose their favorite. I couldn't be happier with how my new presentation pieces came together and complimented this event and venue.  
I custom sketch at parties and events quite often but this one was unique with the clients request of rendering in only gold and profiles, and to be honest I was a little nervous. But its important to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. As usual this event went really well and both I, the client, and all the beauty editors I live sketched were happy with the radiant results.

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