Custom Sketch for Heather & Terry Dubrow's Book

Being a fan of nearly all things Bravo I was excited to be asked to illustrate Heather and Terry Dubrow for their book Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig Present The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to the Best Anit-Aging Treatments. I previously worked closely with the publisher on a fashion illustration style guide for another book so when the idea of doing an illustration in the Dubrows came up they thought of me. When I initially sent the sketch Heather and Terry loved it and almost immediately Instagrammed it, (they asked permission first) which was wonderful! But it was still not 100% the illustration would make it into the book. Months later I was backstage at Watch What Happens Live with my cousin who was a guest on the show, when Andy Cohen mentioned the following nights guest would be Terry Dubrow. I went home and emailed the publisher to see if my sketch made it in after all. It had been months and I had forgotten about it, but to my delight she told me it was! They used it as the image on the books title page.
They kindly sent me an advance copy and we even attempted to meet up when they were in New York on their book tour but couldn't get it to work out with their crazy schedule and being crazed with New York fashion week events. The Dubrow's book is insightful and fun and I'm thrilled to have my artwork in it. (Fun fact for you: its actually my 18th book! Which happens to be a very lucky number in my religion. Too bad for me, this one was without royalties. Ha.)

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