Watercolor Fashion

Happy weekend everyone! A few days ago I stumbled upon these lovely watercolor fashion illustration ads and knew I had to share them with you. They're timeless, whimsical and just scream "Fabulous Doodles".
After a little research I learned that the watercolor paintings are all by the artist Holly Houk. She was commissioned by Kwiat to create a vintage-style backdrop for their latest advertising campaign of blue-tinted watercolor "models" for the jewels to lay over.
I think these ads are divine. I commend Kwiat on thinking outside the box and wish more brands would take advantage of all the talented painters, illustrators and artists out there.

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Dr. Mary said...

this is such a CREATIVE way to sell their product! I always envy those who can create such beautiful work with this medium. Water color and gouache continue to be my kryptonite!

Katya S. Demianiuk said...

These are gorgous!!!


Novelty Ties said...

Such a wonderful fashion illustrations. I like the Kwiat. Very sophisticated and glamorous.