Branding Sketches for The Stylish One

Here are some fun new back-view head shots I illustrated for Boston based writer and wardrobe and bridal stylist Julie Digiovine of The Stylish One. Julie's previous branding included the back high bun, but although Julie is also a brunette, she told me she rarely ever wears her hair up. I wanted the artwork to resonate with her so I whipped up two rough sketches, one of her recognizable bun logo and another resembling her hair down, as she wears it. Well Julie liked them so much she decided to incorporate and trademark both fashion illustrations into her branding and site remodel!

Julie was absolute pleasure to work with, I wish all my custom client commissions were as easy breezy as working with The Stylish One.

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Julie DiGiovine said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful work, Miss Brooke! Can't wait for more projects to come. You are seriously talented and I love working with you.

Thank you for bringing my vision to life so perfectly!


Julie (The Stylish One)