Sociologie Wines {Fashion Illustration Wine Bottles}

This time last year I was contacted by the lovely creator of Sociologie Wine about illustrating some fashionable girls to compliment the flavors of her new wine collection. Lots of ideas were discussed and many emails, phone calls and pins exchanged. Well, I'm thrilled to say that it has been nearly one year and Sociologie Wines with Brooke Hagel illustrations on each bottle has launched and are now on store shelves nation wide!
These wine sipping fashion illustrations were such an enjoyable project and wonderful collaborative process. We discussed at length the flavor profiles of each wine and came up with personalities and social settings for each. We also decided to stylize the sketches by having the clothing and accessories fully rendered in color, which put more of the focus on the fashion while leaving the girl as a line drawn sketch, without any skin tone or hair color, to appeal to a wider variety of women regardless of ethnicity.

We collaborated on the outfits, colors, and overall look of each girl to enhance her unique flavor profile. Blushing Rose (personally my favorite Sociologie girl) is a light pink floral sangria, ideal for sipping throughout a party, perhaps a summer birthday soiree or afternoon shower. We put her in a party-ready flirty short pink dress, with delicate roses in her hair and gold accessories.
The Berry Red Sangria girl is little more risqué, she's a classic all-American girl but has edge. The kind of girl who see's a stunning gold sequined skirt and pairs it with a chambray shirt, chunky leather belt and her grandma Sally's pearls. And last but not least there's the wild White Citrus girl with her bright lemon yellow peplum dress, bold green bow heels and voluminous layers of textured curls.
These are the first three wines to launch the Sociologie brand but more are currently in the works and I can't wait to start sketching new girls for them. Its always a thrill to see my sketches on products but these have been particularly cool and exciting. It was such a pleasure to work with Amy of Sociologie, I'm so proud of the results and so excited for her and her growing business.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Brooke you do such gorgeous work! NOW on wine bottles! Yay!

Katarina Stimac said...

Really, really amazing...
I apsolutely adore your work!
Keep it up!


La Kat

Brooke said...

Thank you!

Alan H said...

Will check the Wine stores in Florida.
Definitely have to buy a case or 2.