New Print: Lauren & Ari {For A Good Time Call...}

I'm happy to share this fun illustration inspired by Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor in the movie For A Good Time Call.... I drew this sketch of Lauren and Ari months ago, shortly after their film premiered but it wasnt until just a few weeks ago while visiting Lauren (who also happens to be my cousin) in LA that I finally framed it and gave it to her as a birthday present. Here it is sitting in her home along with the actual prop phone from the film and a copy of the dvd. This fabulous independent film is a must see for every girls-girl who's ever had a best friend, and experienced the roller coaster of emotion that is a female friendship.  (Its also now on demand so you should check it out!)
I simply love this movie. Not that I'm bias or anything but my talented cousin not only stars in For A Good Time Call... but she also co-wrote the script, my other cousin Dan produced it, and last but not least I happen to make my big screen debut! Well, my coral J.Crew scarf did really, as I was an extra in one tiny scene but unless I'm sitting beside you to elbow you for the split second my coral scarf appears in the distance, sadly theres no chance of you spotting me.

If you'd like your own fashion illustration of print of the fabulous girls of For A Good Time Call... you can click on over to my Etsy shop because I've just added Lauren and Ari as a 8"x10" print. (The aqua and gold frame in the top photo, since people always tend to ask, is from Z Gallerie.)

(Fashion illustration: by Brooke Hagel.)

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Kim Herrington said...

I just watched this movie and saw your sketch on Pinterest! It captures the movie so well. You're quite the talented gal!

Thanks for sharing this. And I'd love to meet Lauren one day—she seems like a fantastic person. I'm really glad that Lauren and Katie Naylon wrote this movie.

Kim Herrington said...

Ha! So my previous comment—YES! Obviously you know you're talented! I had no idea your sketches are all over the place. DANG GIRL. Get it!

Brooke said...

@Kim, yea Lauren is a doll! And thank for the sweet comments, I'm trying! :)