Pantone Inspired Designer Fashion Illustrations for Spring

Pantone released their annual Spring Color Fashion Report the highlight of which for me is always seeing the designers fashion illustrations that are paired with the chosen Pantone color collection. "For spring 2014 designers are pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium." I've chosen a few of my favorites to spotlight here but you can check out and even download the whole Pantone Report here.

First up is Saunder by Emily Saunders and Rachel Roy. I adore a dramatic fro so needless to say this Saunders sketch (shown above) was a must share. Rachel Roy is another. Her sketches are regular features here on Fabulous Doodles because they're such strong characters, with unique poses and always the ideal balance of being fully rendered readable sketches while maintaining a stylized and sketchy-artistic quality. Perfection.
Next  up is not one but two sketches both by Tracey Reese (shown above.)  These are a little different, more flat and the skin tone almost appears to be computer generated but they have an overall nice feel and movement. Its also different to see designers sketches in a pose like this, walking and talking, as opposed to a basic front view. 
Both Lela Rose and BCBGMaxAzria have kept their sketches simplistic and minimal however lovely and understandable. The garments designs are clear and well rendered while they both only allude to a face and barely render the skin tones. Although slightly different styles, they are both successful fashion illustrations. 
I always like when designers and illustrators mix techniques within their illustrations and this Sachin + Babi sketch is one of them. The vibrant skirt appears to be rendered with pastels and/or watercolors. The color is strong and saturated and its has deep shadows and highlights. Then the top, face and skin are delicately drawn in soft pencil or charcoal. Its a wonderful combination and makes for a beautiful sketch. 
Last up are two playful sketches by Cynthia Steffe and Christian Siriano. Both sketches are soft partially rendered illustrations with clear clothing details and little emphasis to the face or figure. They're light, simple and lovely sketches that successfully represent the designers spring 2014 collections. 

If you'd like to see more designer sketches from the Pantone for spring 2014 you can check out the Color Report in its entirety here. And for more designer illustrations from spring 2014 my NYFW Spring 2014 posts here and here.

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