Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Yes its true, Mattel has announced a limited-edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie is being added to the Barbie Collector series this fall. After collaborating with Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director of Chanel, they've designed this incredibly chic Barbie complete with Karl's iconic dark sunglasses, high collar, white hair and classic tailored black jacket. I've been a Barbie-girl forever and have long admired Robert Best's Barbie sketches but until now I've yet to feature any here on Fabulous Doodles, this Lagerfeld Barbie illustration however is too good to pass up!

(Barbie Lagerfeld sketch by Robert Best)

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Anonymous said...

So are they going to call her Karla Lagerfeld? Haha. Very cool!

Brooke said...

Ha! I kind of love that.