NYFW Designer Sketches Spring 2015 (Part 1)

New York Fashion Week kicked off two days ago and with it a slew of designer sketches were released as a teaser of what we can expect to see on in the collections. As usual I've combed through them and chosen some of my favorites to feature starting with Rebecca Minkoff (above.) Her sketches are consistently flawless and always at the top of my list with beautifully rendered fabrics, faces and hair, and overall the ideal fashion illustration proportions.
DNKY is much more whimsical and stylized but still clearly conveys the garment design. I love the fun touches of pink for the hair and that the illustrator chose a unique profile walking pose. The figure is exaggerated and long with the focus of the sketch is on the geometric dress pattern.
Next up are two different designers with similar illustrative styles, Ellessy and J.Crew. They both have a loose organic feel with minimal facial rendering and outlined in pen. You can clearly read the texture and fabrics but they both seem casually drawn with a light touch. I love the shadow on the Hellessy illustration, its something I've always admired in Audrey Schilt's Ralph Lauren illustrations.
Cynthia Steffe's illustration is another more stylized and fun one, similar to DKNY. It also reminds me of the Daily Candy sketches by Sujean Rim. (Maybe they commissioned her?) To me it appears the illustration is painted in light washes of watercolor without much line work. The sketch has a very young feel with minimal details but again, understandable garment rendering. 

I've broken my picks up by color which today for part 1 here are dusty pinks, muted raspberries and slate blues. Check back tomorrow for another colorway and to see more New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 designer sketches.

(Illustrations by each designer labeled, from WWD and Pantone

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