NYFW Designer Sketches Spring 2015 (Part 2)

Ready to start your week off with more New York Fashion Week designer sketches? Today I've chosen a batch of classic black, white and neutral illustrations starting with Ella Moss and Jeffrey Dodd. Ella's sketch has a lovely light feel with a lot of texture and depth. I love how the pant pattern was rendered and the use of shading throughout the illustration. Jeffrey Dodd's illustration is much more stylized with a simplified and eccentric headless fashion figure but still clearly conveying the gown design. 
The theme of Milly's 2015 spring collection is "organic opulence," which I think this sketch illustrates perfectly. It appears to have been drawn primarily in pen with touches of marker. The illustration has a quick and casual feel but dramatic showing a sheer full skirt and patterned vest. 
Rachel Zoe's illustration is a different style than she's shown in recent past seasons (here for example.) This sketch is simplified mod black and white with a playful element in the kicked up foot and shaggy hair, showing the 1960's inspiration even in the figure illustration. 
Last but not least is a graphic statement by Lela Rose of watercolored polka dots and florals inspired by a Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. Again its a bit of a simplified croqui (fashion figure,) but well rendered garments and unique in that the illustration took the polka dot pattern and successfully extended it into a washed out background. 

It should be noted that none of these illustrations have faces. I know a lot of aspiring illustrators struggle with facial features and these are a few great examples of successful illustrations without any. The illustrations are all cohesive and none look unbalanced or unfinished. 

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(Illustrations by each designer or design house noted, from WWD and Pantone

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minal vyas said...

It's an beautiful work. I love all sketches. great job.