She's a Sketch: Photographer Illustration

Recently I found inspiration at a party I attended with my friend Lindsay for La Maison du Chocolat. Lindsay was running a little late and I decided to people watch outside as I waited for her. I stood to the side as the event photographer snapped photos of guests arriving and posing on the step-and-repeat, all the while admiring her look. From her Tibi-esque ensemble to her on-trend laced up summer sandals and sophisticated but simple pulled back hair, pretty makeup, and sweet smile, she was a walking sketch! At least to this fashion illustrator.
Once Lindsey arrived and it was our turn to be photographed I introduced myself to the photographer, Kelly Taub, and asked if she would mind pausing a minute to pose for me. I explained I was a fashion illustrator, loved her look and was eager to put it to paper. The very next day as I worked on the illustration I was so excited about it I decided to share the work-in-progress via Instagram. I posted a close up of the initial pencil line drawing and a sneak peek while applying finishing touches. Now I'm happy to share the full illustration, and Kelly can officially say: "she's a sketch!"

"She's a sketch" is something I used to write about here years ago when I first started Fabulous Doodles. It's a phrase/title that my friend and designer Renaldo Barnette and I always say to one another when we spot a girl with either an impeccable fashion sense and sketch-worthy ensemble and/or exquisite fashion illustration proportions or facial features. I haven't done one in ages but I hope you enjoy it! When inspiration strikes you have to go with it, and I'm so happy I did.

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Briel said...

Love her outfit! Cute sketch!

Brooke Hagel said...

Isn't it fab! I loved it too, obviously. :)

Unknown said...

I love her outfit and your sketch of her! Great!