Lovely List: Design Ideas

Design inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. A blank piece of white paper and a pencil can be very daunting, sometimes it really helps to have a specific theme or inspiration source. I've assembled a list for you of possible design ideas to work from. (I actually LOVE making lists. There's so much satisfaction in checking something off a list!) Some of these were assignments of mine from college (FIT) and others I just came up and think could be fun.
  • A collection inspired by costume history. Dig deep, how about a contemporary Egyptian inspired collection?
  • Design a wardrobe for your favorite character from a book, film, television show, etc.
  • Design a concert wardrobe for your favorite singer.
  • Pick 2 opposing looks or ideas and meld them together, for example: Urban Quaker, Athletic Granny, Socialite Nun, or Biker Ballerina.
  • Your favorite childhood outfit. I know you know the one! Why not use it as inspiration?
  • Pick a country or a favorite vacation spot and google image your way to an inspired collection. Why not research Bali, Morocco, Israel or Switzerland and see what inspiration you may find.
  • Chose a designer and a theme and design a collection as though you've just been hired as their head designer. One of my favorite projects from college is a collection I designed for "Bob Mackie inspired by Kabuki Couture".
  • Create a mood board. Either base it around a theme, with one of the ideas listed above, or create a collection of images or swatches with a similar color scheme, or of papers and textures, like the one I have photographed here or in my previous post.
Design away, and see where the inspiration takes you!

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BB said...

Hi Brooke,

What a great idea! A list! I love to draw and make videos from them, and making a list of themes is a perfect idea for what I do. I really like the idea of creating concert wardrobes for my favorite singers. I'll have to start working on that this weekend.

You always inspire me! Thank you! Bridget

renee said...

Hi Brooke,
I love your list inspiration. I'm always searching for new sources to spark an idea and yours are fab-u-lous!

thank you

kendalee said...

Great ideas every one! Melding 2 opposing looks made me especially smily - I'd love to see what comes out of those combinations... :)

Lisa said...

Love this list - very inspiring. But, I guess that was the point ;-). Anyway, I can't wait to try some of these ideas - They're brilliant!

frauheuberg said...

wow, love your ideas and thoughts...great and a perfect new input for all of us...thanks for sharing...;)...a lovley post...cheers ines

mamutopia said...

Yay, another list addict ;)

I love all your ideas, thanks!