Renaldo Barnette for Maggy London

Tonight I had the pleasure of catching up with my good friend Renaldo. While chatting about life, love, our mothers and fashion, Renaldo shared the latest designs from his sketchbook with me, and let me photograph them to feature here on Fabulous Doodles.
One of Renaldo's designs for Maggy London was recently featured in a Macy's ad in the New York Times! It's so impressive to see a published design next to the illustration that created it in the middle of a sketchbook.
I just love Renaldo's sketches, and don't these newest girls seem to ooze confidence with their edgy short hair styles.

Next week I'll share some more sketches from Ren's book, but in the mean time you can check out my previous posts I wrote about him last year here and here.

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Amy said...


So, I'm blowing my cover here...but, I work for Macy's in my town, so that is really cool to see the sketch with the dress!

We carry Maggy London at my store, so I will have to keep my eye out : )

I love to see the transition from illustration to garment.

Anonymous said...

How do you license your art?! I have read you talking about it a few times, was wondering what advice you would give, and how do you do that?

Brooke said...

@Anonymous, I used to have a Licensing Agent. Now I do it on my own. I just charge a licensing fee for companies or clients that wish to print and use my sketches.