Lovely List: Favorite Posts

I'm off to DC soon for the long holiday weekend, but decided to first post these images as a nice visual to kick off to summer. The scalloped shingles are my friends neighbors in Brooklyn, the sunset was in the Hamptons last summer, and the girl is an older illustration I did years ago inspired by a Michael Kors runway look.
Since there's now a year of posts behind me it seems to be a good time to go back and take note of some of my favorites. Here is a list (and links through the dates) to my top posts from the first year of Fabulous Doodles.
I also have a separate list for next week of favorites featuring other illustrators! Should you feel like sharing I'd love to hear which post(s) have been your favorites and I hope everyone has a fabulous and relaxing long weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Loved your "Inspired By" Blog. I agree with another post stating..."what about family"! :>) The pictures of your friends and travels are great!

Brooke said...

Hmmm, could this anonymous comment be from a family member?!?! Obviously I love my family, however they rarely inspire me in my fashion illustrations. Which is what the post was about. =) Love you!

Anonymous said...

congrats on a year of blogging....even though you claim to be a bad writer i like your writing style, it's unique & very brooke-like. keep up the good work. my favorite part of your blog (aside from the sketches) is the clock :-)