Oscar’s Gifting Suite

This week I had the opportunity to participate in an Oscar’s Gifting Suite! Within just a few days I made 100+ samples to “gift”, hopped a flight from NY to LA, and shared my work at a Beverly Hill’s invite only pre-Oscar’s Gifting Suite.

There was a lot of last minute prep involved, since I was notified about this event pretty late in the game. But being that I’m no stranger to all-nighters or some hard work, and had help from good friends, everything came together without a hitch.

I met some fantastic people, including representatives from the other 15 companies participating, Oscar nominees, television and film stars, musicians, and pro athletes. Everyone seemed to really love my work. I got fantastic feedback from the guests as well as gave three filmed interviews! (I’ll see if I can find them online and share them with you here soon.)

In addition to gifting prints, posters, and bookmarks, I also gave some gift certificates for a custom illustrations which can be used towards a custom bridal illustration or to capture their favorite red carpet look.

The gift certificates are also being included in gift bags being sent to the ladies of One Tree Hill; Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Jana Kramer, Lisa Goldstein, and Shantel Van Senten. As well as Maria Shriver, and Jamie Lynn Sigler. It was a great event and what is hopefully the first of many.

(If you want to see all the photo's I'm going to post them all in album on my facebook fan page, so if your not a fan already there's no time like the present!)

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Roci said...

Hi Brooke, wow, I'm really impressed by this great opportunity that you had for being part of the Oscar Gifting Suite!!! That's amazing!!!


I would really love to hear the story on how you got this wonderful opportunity. Please share it with us!

Well Brooke, I wish you the best of luck, and keep up the good work.

Brooke said...

Hi Roci- A friend of my friend was working for the company putting the event together. They needed more products, my friend sent her a link to my shop, and everything happened from there.

Material Girls- Emily said...

SO cool! I am obsessed with celebs and the Oscars- loved seeing how your drawings were in on the Oscar action! Congrats!

Brooke said...

Thanks Em! Yeah I'm an Oscar's nut too! =)