Costume Design: The Red Queen

I found these kooky illustrations of Helen Bonham Carter's character in the new Alice in Wonderland, in last weeks People Magazine. The first is the concept drawing, and the second (on right) is the illustration that costume designer, Colleen Atwood, sketched and then created.

The drawings have so much personality and character! I remember really struggling with this back in college, in costume design classes. Trying to make the characters realistic and flawed was difficult for me. I tend to draw everyone very thin and pretty. Clearly this was not a problem here!
I may have to check out the costume in action. Today was the second time I was told I "had to see Alice in Wonderland" due to the amazing costumes. I'm a movie girl but this movie wasn't really calling me. Have you seen it? Is it worth my $12.75? (Yes, that is the cost of an adult movie ticket in Manhattan. Crazy right! And that's before the 3D charges, if I were to see it in 3D)

(Images: People Magazine March 15, 2010)

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Amy said...

I am a huge fan of "Alice in Wonderland" and I really, normally, love Tim Burton, but for some reason this movie isn't pulling me in.

And, I even think the costumes look amazing from what I've seen of the trailers, but there's just something I can't put my finger on....something that just doesn't excite me enough to spend $10 to see it.

I think it might just be too much Tim Burton and not enough "Alice in Wonderland" for me to digest.

Fallon said...

I haven't seen it yet... but I really want too... (even with the manhattan prices) I was told though that you should not pay the price for 3D... I was reading an article on how tim burton did not intend the move for 3D so many of the fabulous parts of the movie you become distracted from when watching in 3D. Just a little tip if your planning on going to see it.

Great illustration! Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen this yet.

Brooke said...

Oh really?!?! Thanks for the tip Fallon! I'll definitely skip the 3D then, if I do end wind up going to see it.

Sandra said...

I have already seen it, in 3D, definitely not worth the price for that!
I actually loved the movie, and omg the costumes were simply amazing. But, as said above, don't watch it in 3D.