Wallpaper Discoveries

Sunday afternoon I met up with a friend and former colleague and we trekked on over to Pier 94 for Architectural Digest Home Design Show. There were a lot of noteworthy exhibitors showing their collections, the most unique of which were the fabulous wallpapers. The colors, patterns, and textures offered were just so fresh and beautiful.
The first one here is a UK based company called Fromental. This paper was absolutely stunning in person, I kept walking away and having to turn back for one more photo. The company's website says they offer "couture for your walls" with their exquisite hand-painted and embroidered papers I couldn't agree more, couture it is.
The watercolor selections from Eskayel were like nothing I had ever seen before. Artist Shanan Campanaro creates each design by extracting segments from her original paintings. As shown here she not only applies these designs to wallpaper, but pillows and ceramics as well. They have a very ethereal feel due to the lovely color palette and watercolor medium she uses. (Shanan let me chose a sample which I plan to frame and add to my art wall! I'll be sure to post a pic for you once I frame it.)
Design Red is a Chicago company that specializes in fine decorative painting. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to browse through their online portfolio (here). It's amazing what this team can do with a few brushes and paints.

Since I live in a little NYC rental apartment and cannot take advantage of these now, they will definitely be added to my style files for the future!