Inspired by Rosa Clara

This week I've been working on bridal illustrations for a new multi bride print I'm going to try out in my shop. Sometimes I'm inspired by my friends, or a design detail I saw while shopping, and sometimes I just come up with a design out of my head and "wing it." Yesterday however, I discovered the website of Rosa Clara (here). I don't know how its possible that I've never heard of her before. I mean I've done my time as a bridesmaid, taken the trips to Kleinfelds, read through the magazines and have seen a million episodes of Platinum Weddings!
The art direction and styling of the photo's on this site are gorgeous. It's as if your thumbing through a high end bridal magazine with fabulous editorial. The designs are also pure sophistication so needless to say, I was inspired and decided to sketch some brides based on them. I'm so excited about these little ladies, I just love them and love that I've found a fantastic new site for bridal gown references and fabulous poses.

Photos: Rosa Clara

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paulthea said...

Hi Brooke, you are right - what a magnificent website! Wow, such beauty and elegance. I can't wait to see all your designs and ideas flowing from your new discovery.

Happy weekend, Darling!

Anonymous said...

Brooke! Absolutely wonderful sophisticated designs and great illustrations!

Amy said...

I really love the second dress!

It's gorgeous. I like the more architectural bridal look versus the princess sort of dress.

: )

Brooke said...

Amy, I like the second one too! As far as illustrations go, I love the more architectural and structured looks... When it comes to wearing a dress though I have a feeling I'll be more on the princess side! (Fingers crossed I will be a bride one day!)

Pudel-design said...

I just found your blog!
I love it, your illustrations are great!
I read every post you did!
The second dress ist pretty.

Greetings from Germay...


Anonymous said...

I love this i want to be a illustrator like this im only young so i iwould love to learn to draw like this now

Anonymous said...

What are the names if the two dresses. I was just wondering g because they are beautiful and I love love love your drawings. They are amazing. You truly have a gift. So if u know the style names or the style name they give the dress that would be great :)