Cherry Picked

A new website and daily newsletter has just launched called Cherry Picked. A few months ago Felicity, the sites creator, contacted me about her concept and a possible collaboration. Felicity was moving from San Francisco back home to Australia. She felt there was a void in the online arena for daily fabulousness in and about her hometown Sydney, Australia and thought my illustrations fit in perfectly with her vision.
She was planning a trip to New York and asked me if I'd like to get together. It was a thrill, as I rarely ever get to meet my clients. We met on the upper west side, at Magnolia, dined on tea and cupcakes, and hit it off right from the start. (I'm thinking if all meetings took place in cupcake shops the world would be a better place!)
After meeting in person we had many late night emails and g-chats resulting in me illustrating the logo, website and newsletter headers, and a bunch of icons and "head shots" of the team.
If you are a native Aussie or simply planning to vacation there soon, you have to check out Cherry Picked. (And all of my illustrations!)

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Reyni Ramirez said...

i love ur faces!!!!! there are very nice!!

Amy Parkison said...

Such a cute website! I love your illustrations for it - I like them a lot better than what you see on "Daily Candy".

I bought the "Millie" print from you earlier this week - I'm so excited to get it!

Brooke said...

Thanks guys!

Amy, I sent it out yesterday so you should have her soon! =)

Amy said...

I'm thinking down the road I would love to have you do an illustration for a project I am working on.

I am starting to blend my own fragrances and my own lotions to sell locally, and on Etsy, and when I can afford it, I think one of your illustrations would be perfect for the logo and labeling.

Right now I am still in the planning and experimenting stages.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

Brooke, there is beyond too much to love in the image you did! I think it's beyond perfect (I can't stop staring at it!)