Tuesday Tip: Lips

This week I want to get specific with you and focus on one feature, the mouth. There are many different ways to draw a mouth; smiling, smirking or even frowning. I'm going to show you my standard go-to perfect pout. Once you master this it's easy to play around and try variations.

1-Start by drawing a circle. Then draw one line through then center horizontally and another vertically.
2-Mark the sides and center with slightly darker "dashes" and begin drawing the contour of the mouth.
3-Lightly erase all the lines. (Once you add marker you cannot erase, the marker sets it into the paper.) Just leave the faint pencil lines so you can still see where to apply color.
4-Add a second coat of marker to the entire top lip and very bottom edge of the bottom lip. Then with your dark pencil lightly outline and add shadows in the center middle, center bottom, and sides.
Something important to keep in mind when drawing the mouth is the top lip is ALWAYS darker because its in shadow. Look in the mirror or some photos and blur your eyes and you'll instantly see it. Above is an example of the "perfect pout" on Audrey from my etsy shop. (Dylan, Vogue and Mystie all sport a variation of this mouth as well.)

For now this is the last tuesday tip. It was only set up as a four week series, but I do promise to resume it again sometime in the future. Thank you though for all the positive feedback! Happy sketching!

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Anonymous said...

no more tuesday tips? aww they were so helpful

Reyni Ramirez said...

thanks!! its a great tip!!!!

& i love ur red queeen of alice in wonderland its precious!!!

renee said...

Maybe we can talk you into more Tuesday tips - pretty please!

By the way, I featured your blog today - check it out when you have time.


Anonymous said...

please dont stop with tuesday tips, they are my favorite thing on your blog!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

wonderful, thank you x

Brooke said...

Hmmmm. Ok. I give in. Maybe I'll post one every other week or two. =)

Thanks for the support and encouragement everyone!

Elizabeth said...

I love this...takes me back to doodling as a kid. I need to go get a sketch pad and see if I have any pouts in me :)