Laura Linney

Sunday night I attended another fabulous event at the 92nd Street Y; a Conversation with Laura Linney. (Whom ever since seeing in Love Actually, I love!) Laura has three Oscar noms, a successful career on stage, film and television, and is the kind of girl you just want to spend a day with gabbing over brunch or strolling through the Met.

I've been a to few events at the famous Y but have never before submitted a question for the guest of honor. The theater fits 902 people and only a handful of questions are chosen, so skeptical me never thought my question would make it to the stage. For Laura though, I decided to give it a shot. My two part question was not only chosen, but was the first one asked of only four audience questions picked!
My question was "of the character's you've played, which one was your favorite due to their wardrobe?" After a brief pause of thought Laura answered Abigail Adams, in the John Adams miniseries. (My friends and I were so excited to hear my name and my question that I almost missed her answer! I'm also embraced to admit that I missed the series, but now need to schedule a marathon asap.) I followed with "which outfit from your personal life has been a favorite?" I was thinking she would name a fabulous couture gown she's graced the red carpet in, but I was wrong. Laura said that she doesn't think that one's come along yet. Interesting right.

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