Fashion's Night Out: THE SHOW

Two nights ago I had the privilege of attending "The Show" hosted by Anna Wintour and Vogue. It's said to have been the largest public fashion show of all time. Over 150 models including Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, and Adriana Lima walked the breathtaking circular runway in Lincoln Center's Plaza. It was an incredible show that still has me on a fashion high two days later. Which ideally was one of the goals of the show, to get people amped to go out and spend for tomorrows 2nd annual Fashion's Night Out extravaganza. (Here's my post from last year's inaugural night.)

The evening was flawless, right down to the seating which was a star-burst formation with the dancing fountain at the center. The runway spiraled outward and I was seated at the end of the aisle and in a section that was a single row. This meant that I had models coming in right behind me, walking in front of me, and leaving along side me. It was crazy.
At exactly 7:30, just after the sun set and the buildings began to glow, Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" began to play while fuschia spot lights whipped all around. Heads were whirling around fiercely trying to see where the models would emerge from when a double decker NYC tour bus pulled up with dancing and screaming models. The Show was absolutely spectacular. Seven trends were showcased: Tartan Twist, Pure at Heart, Fifties Flair, Jazz-Age Cool, Weekend Wrap-Up, Go Global, and Rock Chic.
Photography was prohibited, but once the show started I noticed everyone whipping out their iPhones and camera's so I joined in! I not only took these photo's but caught a few seconds of video as well! (Shh, don't tell.)

The Show was only 15 or 20 spectacular minutes. Right as it ended Pharrell jumped up on the fountain for a little closing performance. Once that was over I immediately headed over to the VIP area near the fountain where I caught glimpses (and some pictures) of Michael Kors, Seth Myers, Roger Federer (who I actually saw win a match in the US Open the previous night!), Harvey Weinstein, Vera Wang, and the queen herself, Ms. Anna Wintour. (Whom one of my very first blog posts was about, click here to read it.) I will soon post all of my pictures on my Facebook fanpage and will add a link to that here once I do.
I've been to a bunch of fashion week shows before, but there's no doubt this one will be at the top of my list for a while! I had my doubts about Fashion Week moving but if this first show is any indicator of whats to come, bring it on. Dying to see more, don't worry, the entire show is due to air on CBS Sept 14th at 10PM, so set your dvr now.

(Lincoln Center overhead image: by Tom and Lorenzo, pink-lit Lincoln Center image: Roxy Victoria, All other images and video: Brooke Hagel)

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Matt said...

You're Welcome

Brooke said...

Thank you baby brother!!! I had an A-MAZING evening. Awesome hook-up with this ticket! =)

ashley cooper said...

I am so JEALOUS you got tickets to go!! I live in AZ but was visiting NYC the week of fashion week, the closest I got inside was standing outside! That is so great you were able to see the BIG SHOW for Fashion's Night OUt! LUCKY!!

Brooke said...

Hi Ashley, yeah it was fantastic! I still can't believe I got to see such a show.