New Years Eve Dream

(Bob Mackie and David Downton)
Happy New Year! Last night I enjoyed a casual evening with a small group of friends on the upper east side. It was great and I love my friends to death but for years and years, ever since watching that final scene in When Harry Met Sally, I can't help but wish that just one New Years I could attend a fancy black-tie New Years Eve soirée.
(Versace and Marchesa)
Seeing all the tuxedo's and sequins out on street last night got me wondering what I would wear (or design!) In addition to my Carrie illustration (shown below) which I think could be a great "New Years on the town" look, I pulled a few illustrations here that could fit the imaginary bill.
(Michael Kors and Brooke Hagel)
Beading and sequins, dramatic gowns of black or crisp "new" whites, and certainly yards of sleek and sultry glamour. There you have any and all of the elements for my dream New Years Eve black-tie ensemble.
(Ralph Lauren and Robert Best for Barbie)
Happy 2011 everyone! Cheers to the fabulous events this year holds and the many exciting evenings of fashion.

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A.Lara said...

Happy New Year's Brooke, and as always I love your work

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Brooke! Your black tie hopes will come true if you dream about it and set your goal. said...

Happy new year to you Brooke! Love the glamorous post. I too hope one day to attend a party full of sparkles and ball gowns on a NYEve!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love all what you create, I'm one of your fans :D
I have a question, do you work on photoshop or illustrator?

Brooke said...

Thanks everyone!

I work with markers and pencil mostly, then I scan my artwork and I do sometimes clean the image up in photoshop since they usually come out a little dark due to my poor scanner. (I just adjust the color levels and remove the background.)