Brooklit Bride Grand Opening!

Today I'm excited to announce the launch of my new Etsy shop, Brooklit Bride! Almost three years ago I launched Brooklit, an Etsy shop of my fashion illustration prints and products. The most popular listing and custom request has been bridal illustrations, where I create custom fashion illustrations inspired by brides actual photos (as shown below.)
So I've decided to expand on this idea, and open a "spin-off" shop that offers my custom designs as well as new original bride fashion illustration prints.
Brooklit Bride currently includes prints, cards, bookmarks, gift tags, and custom bridal sketches. I hope you like the new shop and make sure to check out the custom listings. (They all have different photo-to-sketch examples!)
I have more products I'm excited about in the works, so check back with Brooklit Bride soon. And after you take a peek at the new shop, I'd love to hear your feedback, so comments are welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Just fabulous you opened a new shop featuring all Bridal illustrations! I am excited!

The Poptart Bandit said...

I just discovered your blog, and it's beautiful =]
I really like that you feature fashion illustration and some of your own work!

Miss Marche said...

This is amazing. I found your blog after downloading the Fashion Illustration Exposed e-book. I am finally returning to fashion sketching and illustration myself (after YEARS of not picking up a pencil), and your blog is giving me TONS of inspiration. Just absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love your drawings. :) I do some sketching as well in my spare time and I've just started keeping my own blog. They're not quite like yours though. :L

yoantaway said...

omg.... i love your blog... so insppiring.. im a new fashion student... and same like miss marche... i've been yearrrssss not picking up a pencil! and cus i took this major now.... i need to practice again! specially in coloring.... :( hiks i usually got confused how to blend the color.... anyway can i admit something? i've really inspired to do some business like you do now.. selling the illustrations and inspired from ppl real photo (usually we sell the designs right? but i found somethings new here, drawing the photo back for ppl),... can i use that idea for me making money too at my blog????? :D i need to earn money tho... (T_T)

i'm feeling lucky found your blog, ah and your grandma wass sooo cooll...i saw ur post bout her... may she R.I.P ... i love her style...i was close to my grandma .. she's a dress maker and bridal make up artist..but i dunno where's her pictures now,... you lucky could post her picture...! :)

Brooke said...

Thank you for all the well wishes on my bridal shop!

And Yoantaway, thank you for the kind words about my grandma. Finding those pictures was such a nice surprise.