New Print: Man Repeller

Last week after checking out the latest posts from the always stylish Leandra Medine, aka. the Man Repeller, I was inspired to pick up my markers and draw her in her sequined-pant fabulousness. (You know I love a sequin!) I like the sketch so much that I'm adding a print of her to my etsy shop, Brooklit. To purchase a print of Leandra, the Man Repeller, click here.

Leandra is one of the bloggers I like to check it with, who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

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HannahAlyse said...

Awesome likeness! Your drawings rock my socks off :)

Brooke said...

Ha! Thank you Hannah! Your comment "rocks my socks off!" =)

rebekah said...

Love the sparkly pants!

SJ said...

wow ure work is amazing!! totally love it.

My fav fashion blogger is Camilla from - her style is very feminine and sophisticated!!