Armani Costume Designs for Lady Gaga

Georgio Armani recently released the latest costume design sketches for Lady Gaga's next world tour, and I couldn't wait to share the avant garde illustrations with you here on Fabulous Doodles! In Gaga's first tour, The Monsters Ball (perviously featured here) the wardrobe, which I actually had the thrill of seeing in person when I attended the HBO taped concert at Madison Square Garden, was simply spectacular and this next round of costumes looks like it will not disappoint.
I don't know about you but the sketches really remind me of the work of Bob Mackie. Aside from the obvious reasons that they're whimsical and sparkly costume sketches that are full of personality and attitude, the figure proportions, rendering techniques, and overall look of the artwork is just so similar to the work of Mackie. It really adds to the shock factor for me that they're by Armani, whom I completely have pigeon holed in my brain as being the go-to tailored suit design master.
One idea to take note of, for you aspiring designers, is that the illustrator has used the same figure to build upon for the more than one look. You can clearly see that these sketches, although drastically different from one another in the costume design, are the same exact pose and most likely drawn over the same figure. This is a sketching shortcut when your working to focus yourself on the designs and not get overly involved in sketching new poses and figures for each look.

Thank you to Armani for releasing the sketches and fingers crossed in a few months I'll be thanking Gaga for putting on another incredible show! Anyone have tickets, feel free to send them my way. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your illustrations!!
I'm from Barcelona, and my English isn't very well (I want to improve it)but I follow you!

Best wishes!

Christina said...

Those are awesome costume designs. I'm really excited to see her in these designs.

Christina @ Cheap Suits For Men