Brooke Hagel Illustrations on VH1's House of Consignment

If you've caught VH1's new show, House of Consignment, you may have spotted my sketches blown up as giant wall decals all around the offices of E-Drop Off, the home of the new fashion focused reality show. I was commissioned by Corri McFadden and her right hand woman Nicole Guarascio about 2 years ago to come up with a bunch of custom illustrations for their website relaunch. To my pleasant surprise since they purchased the full usage rights to the custom sketches, they've used them not only on their website, but as large wall decals to adorn their office walls, which is now the "set" of their VH1 show. (For a closer look check out the post I wrote at that time here.)
The E-Drop Off girls reached out to me again to create some sketches for the holidays and their holiday party, which I believe was actually the party show in episode 2 of House of Consignment. For the holiday project I drew a bunch of new girls for their windows, holiday garlands with designer ornaments, logo snowflakes and even sketched jewelry that was made into temporary tattoos for party guests, which they briefly showed on the show! (My previous post on the holiday project is here.)
VH1's House of Consignment has 7 episodes left to their season so you have a few more weeks to tune in. Not all the sketches shown throughout the show are mine, but see if you can spot my work. My first TV moment was The Nate Berkus Show on NBC, now VH1, I wonder who will be next!?!

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kristin maynes said...

Wow! Congrats! That's awesome!

Brooke said...

Thanks Kristin!