Lash Menu Illustrations

I'm excited to share these new "lash menu" sketches I was commissioned to draw for Lash Affair Lounge. They asked me to illustrate an assortment of lash extensions offered in the new salon. I had no idea you could get lash looks ranging from a natural, soft and pretty lash boost, like "The Beauty" shown above, to intense dramatic fullness like "The Diva" shown below.
Whats funny for me about illustrating a lash menu is that I was taught not to draw tiny details like eyelashes, nails or teeth in fashion illustrations. In the past few years, especially with all my bridal illustration clients and the dramatic lash making a comeback, I've rebelled and began adding lashes to my sketches but I have to admit I feel guilty every time and wonder what my professors would say. Crazy right! (Its true, every-single-time I sketch a lash I see FIT Professor Steven Stipleman shaking his head at me.)
This was my first foray into illustrating a lash menu (hair and nails, I've drawn a few.) I'm really proud of how all these lashy ladies came out and I'm pretty sure the client, Lash Affair Lounge, loves them as well. Now I just need to get myself up to Edmonton Cananda to try out their lash services like mink lash extensions. I mean how luxuriously Oprah would that be? Fingers crossed theres a Lash Affair Lounge hitting Manhattan in the not so distant future because my lashes could use a boost.

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Anonymous said...

Love faux eyelashes! Great sketches! Love your work Brooke!

Eliva Hellena said...

I just fell in love with your blog. You are SOOO talented and I wish I could attend that event to get a picture of myself in the 'Brooke-Style' ! Please keep up the excellent work, I am looking forward to future posts!


Brooke said...

Thank you!!