Halloween Dessert Table Sketch

Its quite an odd Halloween having just had one of the largest storms ever on record rip through the east coast wreaking such havoc on the city, but I'm pleased to report I'm safe and sound and live in a part of Manhattan that wasn't hit so badly by Hurricane Sandy. Unlike many of my friends and family I was lucky enough not to loose power an have been able to stay home. Thank you to all who reached out with concerning calls, emails, facebook messages and tweets!
A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Amy Atlas to sketch another of her exquisite dessert tables for Halloween (last one was for July 4th.) This design was to be used for a segment Amy was planning for a national television segment. Unfortunately the segment was cut due to the hurricane but Amy posted the illustration and all the elements that her and her talented team concocted for it. They even posted templates you can download and recipes (like Bewitching Bark) to make some of the elements yourself.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween and maybe this dessert table illustration will inspire my displaced neighbors, friends and family to enjoy a treat during this trying time.

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Tori said...

Wow beautiful! You truly can draw anything! I have a question though, I am a teenager and am trying to develop my drawing skills, and I love drawing dresses and I was drawing one with a lace bodice, and I wondered if you're doing any more tips soon, you could help people on drawing lace, or if there is anything you think will help me, could you tell me? Thanks if you do, your drawings are fabulous!

Brooke said...

Thanks Tori. Quickie lesson in lace: render skin beneath first, cross hatch a faint netting which is the base of the lace then with a firmer and heavier hand draw a floral motif on top.

Hope this helps. I'd add lace to my future tuesday tip list.