Vintage Vogue Illustrated Covers

(Vogue, June 1929)
Today I've decided to do a little "throwback thursday" feature of illustrated vintage Vogue covers from the 1920's and 1930's. Since it's finally starting to feel like springtime here in NY and warm weather is just around the corner I've chosen covers with a light spring-summery vibe.
(Vogue, 1937) 
I've always loved flipping through vintage magazines for the plethora of fashion illustrations they offer. Now you can find just about everything online, archived issues and websites full of visual references, but even just 10-15 years ago that wasn't case. I remember spending hours in the FIT library devouring vintage issues of Vogue and WWD, for illustrations not only on covers but in most of the ads and editorials too. Years later while working for Hearst Magazines I once spent a solid week wearing white gloves and thumbing through vintage issues of Harper's Bazaar and Esquire with the task of choosing vintage cover art and interior illustrations (including work by Warhol, Etre, and Varga) for Hearst archive product development. 
(Vogue, July and August 1930)
Although fashion photography can be incredible, especially when the right team is assembled (model, photographer, stylist, creative director, etc.) something has be said for the beauty of a fashion illustration and one single illustrators artwork gracing a magazine cover. How amazing would it be to see a stunning fashion illustration grace the cover of Vogue today instead of Kim and Kanye?…Ahh, a girl can dream. 

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Beth said...

A fashion illustration on the cover of Vogue would be AWESOME! A special edition or just a once year event. I'm with you, Brooke! Love your work and your success in this business is inspirational :-)

Brooke said...

Beth, thank you!! I completely agree, even just once a year would be amazing!

Kelly said...

Love these! And yes, I would completely swoon if I saw an illustration on Vogue. *dreaming right along with you*

Brooke said...

Fingers crosse @Kelly. One day again maybe. :)