Inspired Weekend

I'm having a major leopard moment, which is odd since I've really never been a leopard-print-kind-of-girl, quite the opposite actually. I realize working in the fashion industry for all of my career that it should not surprise me that my taste may change or I might fall for a certain trend every now and again but this one really surprises me. I can't just seem to get enough leopard these days! Case in point, the newest notecards added to my Etsy shop and the impulse-buy slip-on sneakers I couldn't seem to take off all weekend.

1. Kate Moss leopard fashion illustration notecards with craft paper envelopes are the newest additions to my Etsy shop and this weekend I sent some out as thank you cards. (She's also available as an art print.) 

2. Joe Fresh fashion illustrations. My mom was not familiar with Joe Fresh and after popping in to check it out this weekend, she became a fan and it was a big topic of discussion. She was happy to learn I shop there already and fashion illustrations often adorn the store walls. 

3. The new Warby Parker Wilkie glasses in "graystone" are now mine! Although I mostly wear contact lenses it's amazing to finally have nice new eyewear that I don't mind wearing out and about. My old Prada frames were nearly 10 years old, so it was certainly time for an update, and I'm loving them.

4. My mom and me, walking around the city this weekend in our not so fancy footwear. My aforementioned H&M leopard print canvas slip-ons that are surprisingly very comfortable, and my mom in classic cons

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed exploring the city with you Brookala!

Brooke said...

You as well! Assuming "anonymous" is mom!? ;)

Deb Smith said...

I love Warby Parker! Their frames are so cute! I have the Sims. It's so tempting to go online and order two or three more. Cute shoes too :)

Brooke said...

@Deb, I love them! Its my first pair of Warby's but I'm sure a second isn't too far behind. :)

Brooke said...

@Deb, I love them! Its my first pair of Warby's but I'm sure a second isn't too far behind. :)