Custom Bridal Illustrations; The Go-to Wedding Gift

Its officialy May, which means wedding season is upon us so what better time to share my go-to wedding gift of custom bridal fashion illustrations. Similar to my last bridal post, this batch of brides all happen to be friends of mine, (yes, I've had a very wedding filled year!) two of which I've personally gifted with a custom illustration and one that was purchased as a gift from her sister-in-law. First up is an old high school friend of mine, Tina, in a gorgeous Badgley Mischka gown. In this dress Tina was breathtaking and from the moment I saw her in it I couldn't wait to sketch her it. I absolutely loved this gown with its slinky drape, demure neckline, cap sleeves and intricate beaded waist band. It's such a unique, chic and sophisticated bridal choice. I actually also drew Tina in a wedding couple sketch too, but I'll be sharing that one another day!
Next is my adorable friend Danielle in a modest gown with lace trim appliqués, a ruffled hem, and lovely little bows that ran along the center back. I was traveling and unfortunitly couldn't make it to Danielle's wedding but I was able to get my hands on a bunch of pictures and surprise her with a sketch capturing her wedding look from photos, as I typically do with regular clients whom I don't know personally. Danielle was glowing in all the photos, wearing a smile from ear to ear with tendrils of hair escaping her up-do and blowing about in the wind. I think I captured her, and the day, pretty well even though I couldn't be there.
Last but not least is Kristy, the beautiful new sister-in-law to one of my oldest friends, wearing a delicate tulle skirted Maggie Sottero gown with lace appliqués, an embellished waistband and sweetheart lace bodice. This particular friend has actually given one of my custom bridal illustrations or a custom illustration gift certificate to just about every bride she's known in the past eight or so years. All her friends, family members and even neighbors have custom Brooke Hagel bridal sketches! I guess you could say it's her go-to wedding and bridal shower gift. Sadly my scanner didn't actually pick up the skirt shading and highlights, because the actual original illustration had a lot of depth and detail. Kristy wrote me saying she loved it and couldn't wait to have it framed and hanging in her home.

For more information on custom bridal sketches you can check out the custom listings and gift certificates in my bridal print shop, Brooklit Bride.

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Nadhihah Kaznan said...

Absolutely in love with your work! Came across your blog while researching for my art project. Would you mind if I ask you what media/tools you're using for your illustrations? It will help me a lot. Thank you!

Brooke said...

Hi Nadhihah, thank you! Yes, I've shared most of the tools I use on the blog under the "Tools" subject. Here you go: