I've added a fun new listings to my etsy shop. Her name is Mystie and she's a bit of a funky fashionista. (I actually hate that word, but for some reason it just suits her and I don't mind it here!)

Here's a little history about me, and why I chose that name for this print: The summer I turned 16 I lived in San Francisco and took classes at the San Francisco Academy of Art. I lived in the dorm, and made friends from all over the country. There was one girl I kept in touch with as a pen pal (yes "pen pal," as in actual letters through the mail because this was before the internet!) and her name was Mystie. She was very artsy and I although I lost touch with her years ago I'm thinking maybe she looks something like this now.

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh love her. You are very right the term fashionista just suits her.

Now just inspire yourself for a Camila print. :)