I heart...

Al Hirschfeld caricatures! For almost 75 years his line drawing appeared in The New York Times. He captured what was happening in American theater, on Broadway and the crazy characters that can only be called New Yorkers! I just love the fluidity of his pen strokes and the whit and humor of his drawings. I know they're not fashion illustrations, but they're fabulous doodles none the less. 

Almost everyone knows that Hirschfeld (1903-2003) hid his daughter's name in his iconic drawings.  It began in 1945 when his only daughter, Nina, was born. In 1960 the publisher of the Times received a letter saying Hirschfeld should let people know how many Nina's they should look for. From then on he signed each piece with his name followed by a number. I love spotting a Hirschfeld and searching for the "Nina's"!

Here are some of my personal favorites: Above; Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, David Letterman, Al Hirschfeld self portrait, and the Rat Pack. 

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