Why Chose Just One

When I start a custom illustration I always send the client a few "roughs". These are quick and loose sketches just to try out different poses and layouts to see which ones work, how to best show off the details of the dress, and which pose the bride would prefer. Often times there are emails back and forth contemplating the pros and cons of the different sketches and seeing if I could combine different elements of the different roughs into one.

Well Shannon here was the first bride I had who just couldn't decided, loved two of them, and decided to order both! One is simply her and her gorgeous dress, and is more of a traditional fashion illustration. And the second one is mimicking a shot from her photographers album fully styled with all her wedding props; veil, bouquet, and even a monogrammed umbrella.

Shannon was definitely a satisfied customer, because I received the the sweetest email from her shortly after mailing out the artwork:
"I had the most wonderful surprise in my mailbox yesterday - your illustrations arrived! I can't even describe how delighted I am. I literally gasped when I saw them! You captured every detail and I will absolutely treasure these forever. I took them in to a frame shop to have nice frames done up for them so I can hang them in my bedroom and enjoy them every day. Thank you so much for being so patient with me and working so hard to get everything perfect. You have a real talent for capturing the feel of the fabrics and movement. Thank you very much for the wonderful illustrations!"
I love a satisfied customer! That and knowing my artwork is up in someone's home, it just never gets old! Thank you for the "thank you" Shannon!

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