Brides brides and more brides

Being the heart of wedding season, I'm a bridesmaid in one wedding, planning another wedding, and sketching lots of bride clients. So I thought I'd share more of my past bridal clients with you.

Above are Sheryl and Scott. Sheryl is friend and former colleague of mine. She requested a sketch as her wedding gift, and here it is. I love her dress, don't you! I'm sucker for anything pink, so the pale pink satin waist paired with the delicate beading got me. I also love her bouquet choice. Perfect for their fall wedding in the Berkshires.

Lori is next, she is the pretty blond in the lace mermaid gown. Lace is one of those things I procrastinate working on because its so tedious to render properly, but then once your finished it's just beautiful. The same thing goes with most prints actually. I dread rendering prints like plaids and florals, but then once I get it done it's usually the highlight of the illustration. Another detail that I really like about this dress and I think came out really well in the illustration is the pleated trim around the top and bottom, it's a very nice touch.

And last but not least, in this post, is Mary Ann. For this job the client was her husband, Keith. I love it when i get to work with a husband, it's a very different experience then working with a bride or friend of the bride. When I begin working on a custom piece I send the client a few rough sketches for them to chose the pose and layout they like best. I was trilled when Keith picked this back pose. Most of the brides chose one that's a strict front view, it's nice to something different and it's also a great dress for this pose! In the photo, you can't see her pretty satin sash, so I moved it over a bit to highlight it in the illustration.

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh so pretty. I want one! Can you believe me and Jon are celebrating our 4 year anniversary this Jan! Craziness!

Brooke said...

That is craziness! I can't believe that!