New Cards & Bookmarks

Last weeks "Girls Night Out" sale was a success in that it had a great turn out and raised a substantial amount of money for a great cause, however I personally did not do so well. The positive side of this is that since I made sure to stock up for the sale by printing lots of new items I can now add as new listings in my Etsy shop; Brooklit.
Here are some of my favorite new cards. You may remember the girl in glasses and jeans from my denim "Tuesday Tip" tutorial. I liked her so much that I made her into a birthday card. The other fashion illustration's that adorn the new birthday cards are two of my more popular prints, Carrie and Mystie.
I've also made a fun new bridal card with a combination of some custom bridal illustrations and original ones. The bride card is blank on the inside which makes it suitable for any bridal occasion; engagements, showers, bachlorettes, weddings or even anniversaries.
My bookmarks continue to be popular, so I've expanded the selection. They're a nice, less expensive, alternative to purchasing one of my girls in art print form. And with summer now here, what better time for a fun new bookmark for all your summer reading.

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Cheryl Lynn Pastor Romance Author said...

These are beautiful, simply beautiful. The wedding dresses are exquisite. I also love the birthday card. That black and white dress is fabulous!

I love your blog. It is very informative, especially for someone like me who is a fledgling fashion illustrator. I plan to visit often and would love to do a link exchange if that's okay with you. My fashion illustration blog is POSITIVELY LOVELY!

Have a great day.

Candice Hannah Marcelle said...

these are fantastic!!! do you have any JPEG images of your work i love fashion illustration ad would love to do a post about you! :)

Jennifer said...

The Cards! The Bookmarks! I love it all! I'm ordering both! Keep it comming Brooke!

Emilie ! said...

Ahh, all so gorgeous, but I especially love the wedding dresses- they are really stunning!

Emilie xxx

Karena said...

Brooke I adore your design work, fabulous images! So glad to find you!

I hope you will join my designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

Art by Karena

Luli said...

I LOVE your blog!! Only a few really caught my attention and this is definitely one of them!
Congrats from Argentina.