Spotted: VIPs with Brooklit Cards

Today I'm excited to share new photos of VIPs I've had the pleasure of meeting recently who all paused for a pic with their favorite Brooke Hagel illustration.
First up, actress Vanessa Britting who chose my Eva sketch. Vanessa has such a charming and sophisticated sense of style, that Eva fit her perfectly. I spent a weekend at a destination wedding with Vanessa and was stuck by her look each day. I actually told her that I thought she was "sooo pretty and polished and always looked like she just stepped out of a Kate Spade ad."
To my surprise just 4 days after writing about Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman and putting her on my Golden Globe best dressed list, I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Project Runway All Stars event. I actually wound up in an elevator with her right at the beginning of the night but was so caught off guard that I totally choked didn't share that with her! Later in the evening I did decide to say hello and introduce myself, and Georgina chose my Mystie illustration to strike a pose with. Angela Lindvall, model and Project Runway All Stars host chose two of my cards, Vogue and Billowing Bride. Angela loved the cards and said she wanted one of herself drawn, which I was thrilled about and told her anytime, just pick your favorite look and I'm on it.
Normally people do choose the card that resembles them, meaning similar hair color or style. In the case of adorable actress Ashleigh Falls she took that to a whole other level! Its as though this card was drawn specifically of Ashleigh. (Which it was not. Remember this post? This is where this drawing originated.) The resemblance was so uncanny that Ashleigh even asked if she could use my illustration as a head-shot!
Last but not least is Project Runway All Star Mondo Guerra, who chose Allie as his favorite and legendary comic book artist Neal Adams who chose Vogue. Neal actually told me about getting his start in fashion illustration before moving onto comics! If you're not a comic person you may not be familiar with Neal but he has drawn most of the comic icons we know and love such as Batman, Superman and the X-Men.

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BB said...

Brook, you met Mondo! I love his designs. You are in great company! They're in great company, too! Congratulations on the exposure and the Nate show. Yes, I remember your desing from the Nate show. BEAUTIFUL DRAWING. So many great things happening. I am so happy for you.

Erin said...

I just spent an hour on your blog! You are amazing, Brooke! Gorgeous drawings!


Erin @

Brooke Hagel said...

Thank you BB and Erin!!!