Head Scarf Sketches for Remington at Target

A little while back I was commissioned by Remington Products for this fun little project sketching hair styles that showed the five different ways to style their newest hair accessory, a sequined head scarf. They requested the sketches be simple line drawings with only the product drawn in color, so it would stand out. I was also asked to keep the face consistent on each illustration, so the focus was only on the different hair styles.
Once the tags were in production they said I'd get samples for my portfolio but nothing ever came and I almost forgot about it. Then a few weeks ago while on a trip down in Florida I decided to swing down the hair accessory aisle of a Target just to check out the Remington line and see what was there. To my pleasant surprise I found my sketches right there, in store, on hang tags in Target! Needless to say I bought one and am excited to share the illustrations here with you.
(Illustrations by Brooke Hagel for Remington Products)

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Anonymous said...

Wow... That's good idea, running to continue work. I love your fashion drawing are different things.

May Chua said...

Your drawings are so beautiful and inspiring! You have gave me a reason to set up my own blog on drawing. Thank you <3 Keep drawing & continue to be amazingggg! (: