Mad Men Fashion Illustration Portraits

How stunning are these David Downton illustrations inspired by Mad Men characters? I'm so in love with them that even though they're not my own I had to share them and their fabulousness here on Fabulous Doodles. Mad Men has been one of my favorite television shows since its premiere episode. In addition to the allure of the main characters, such as Don Draper, Joan Harris and Roger Sterling, the costumes are always a sight to see and in my opinion costume designer Janie Bryant is a genius. (Who also happens to have one of my dream jobs!)
It always amazes me when an artist, like Downton who works in a very stylized way can really a capture a person, feeling or mood without being overly literal. His illustration of Roger Sterling played by John Slattery (whom I actually spent a day working with when I was a wardrobe intern for Sex and the City!) in particular is so dead on in looks and attitude, it truly amazes me.
In the not so distant future I'm hoping to feature some more Mad Men illustrations, both by costume designer Janie Bryant (fingers crossed) and myself. (I'm thinking a "Women of Mad Men" series could be a fabulous addition to my print shop. What do you think?) In the mean time I'll certainly enjoy these three fabulous Downton Mad Men sketches.

(Illustrations by David Downton)

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thisissasha said...

I watched Mad Men)) Really cool illustrations!!))

JS Daniel said...

Very nice illustrations!

SCM said...

Incredible! I'd love to see more.

AJ said...

I think it's an EXCELLENT idea. Mad Men is vary popular and I for one would love to buy your illustrations of these wonderful women (as well as a few friends). The advantage of doing the "Women of Mad Men" would be their individual styles and the different body types.