Handmade Holidays

The holiday shopping season is upon us and with that comes mailboxes full of catalogues, mass emails with discount codes, and big box store promotions. I wanted to write this little post to urge you to buy handmade. Not only will you be supporting artists and your community, but you will also be getting and giving something special, made with heart.

I've scoured Etsy and put together my own little gift guide of handmade treasures. Some of the sellers are personal favorites of mine that I've purchased from before and others are simply on my wish list...To my friends and family, I'd be trilled to receive any of these handcrafted pieces! ;)

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Spell It Out Designs said...

Thanks for the highlight in your gift guide!

Miss Journey said...

Very cute pieces, and a great idea. It's like a dual gift_for your loved one and the artist.

Rizwan said...

Superb stuff you can make it and also you have done a brilliant job

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