My Mini Makeover

I don't know if this is an issue for all creative and artist types, but I have a major problem committing to a look, but only when tackling myself and my own brand. When I'd work on projects for clients or particular brands its never a problem to pin point the brand identity, develop the brand esthetic and create mood boards, products, or art direction. Somehow though when its for myself I'm the queen of indecisiveness.
I'm not sure if this is definitely the look I'm going to stick with, and I hate the idea of changing it again, but enough is enough and I need to at least try this out. So as I'm sure you've noticed my blog has gotten a little face-lift with a new header. Now the blog visually matches my facebook fan page logo, twitter page, etsy shop banner (above), and business cards (shown below.)
I'm toying with changing my blog name, and making my brand more cohesive. (I love Fabulous Doodles, and feel it captures what my blog and my illustrations are all about. Fabulous being a staple in fashion lingo and doodles meaning cute sketches. Although my illustrations are more than casual doodles.) My email is also but maybe everything should be called Brooklit like my etsy shop or maybe I should just use my full name, as I do on my facebook fan page.

Oy, I just don't know. Sorry for the rant, I just thought I'd share my little dilemma here with you. Please comment or email me any feedback you may have, I'd appreciate the input. :)

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.:.klassy.k.:. said...

I just love your illustrations. I like Brooklit. I like how it looks when you there are multiple people with the name. I think the one where Brooklit is beside your illustrations. I think it could be nice with the illustrations underneath the name and a little bit over so that it isn't perfectly centered.

Brooke said...

Thanks K! Yeah I like "Brooklit" too. Although I love "Fabulous Doodles" I think its a bit too much of a mouth full and and not as short and sweet. Also my mom's been calling me Brooklit (or Brookala) for as long as I can remember.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

fabulous doodles is too cute-sy. Brookelit is nice. I am a brand marketing/PR person so my advice does have some merit

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I KNOW! I go through this exact thing! It's so much easier to nail one brand identity when its not yourself!

Brooke said...

Thanks Anonymous, I hear you. I just like fabulous doodles for a blog name, but I realize everything should really be consistent.

Seriously Erin, its nuts! I've worked on campaigns and launched products and brands for some huge companies without a problem. It's so crazy how when it comes to my own I can't get it right. Just too many ideas and I feel like it's never "there."