Holiday Shops

If your in the NYC area I highly recommend checking out these two fantastic shops I'll be heading to this weekend. The first one is a booth that my uber talented friend Aaron has set up within The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. Aaron is an incredible illustrator and fashion designer (with a jaw dropping resume.) He will be in Bryant Park selling greeting cards featuring his fabulous ladies everyday till Dec. 24th. It's booth #F01 on the corner of 42nd St and 6th Ave.
The other must hit sale is the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. It's the first time this sale is open to the public and will only be open tomorrow, December 5th. (Click here for more info) I personally am a huge fan of all that is Martha. (Little secret: Martha and I share the same birthday, and when I was 13 I met her and told her so. She definitely did not share in my excitement, but I love her and her amazing company none the less!) I'm really looking forward to seeing the unique crafts and handmade goodies that her staffers have come up with.

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