Makeover Monday

It all started with Audrey (previous post here) and now my Vogue girl has gotten a makeover. I love her, she's one my very first illustrations for Etsy, and I use her for all my promotional materials, branding and logo's but I thought she needed some work (a facelift of sorts!) So I've given her some new pretty pale green eyes and pouty pink lips.
But she's not the only one. My mom emailed me a few weeks ago suggesting I redraw Global Girl, so being the always obedient daughter (yeah right) here she is. I do admit she was getting a little tired looking, so I've spruced her up a bit and, given her some pockets because I love a dress with pockets, and a more polished overall look.
Here are links to all the new and improved ladies in my shop: Vogue II, Audrey II, Audrey II Lacey, and Global Girl. The original ladies are still up in the shop and on sale for half off. I will be retiring them in 2 weeks. Here's my shop sale section if your interested in owning the illustrations that got Brooklit started.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Brooke,

I am 14 years old and I like to draw (fashion is the main thing i enjoy drawing) I don't want to be a fashion designer, it is simply just a hobby of mine - but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to improve. The other day I searched through ALL of your Tuesday Tips posts and learned so much that I never knew!I know that as you said, T-Tips are V Time consuming - and it shows! It's not hard to tell the amount of work and effort going into those posts, and that they certainly weren't rushed! But they seriously helped me learn SO much and i'm missing them :( Even if you just did one every couple of months or so, and you don't have to feel like you are pressured to do a post - just do them on and off but PLEASE don't rule them out :-)
Sorry for a long-un, I admire how you imrpove your own work just one question (sorry)

I'm a SUPER bad perfectionist, I mean REALLYYY BAD. I throw my drawings away or screw them up and get frustrated if they aren't up to my perfectionist standards. Any advice?