Scarves and Stripes

It think its about time for another post from the Audrey Schilt exhibition from FIT. (For previous post click here.) These wonderful fashion illustrations are from the spring 2005 Ralph Lauren Spectator collection. This collection is one of my favorites, the simplicity and elegance of black and white and her illustrative style for this collection is pure sophistication. I love that they have this loose casual gesture drawing vibe while at the same time being strong, confident, bold women.
Here's what Audrey's wrote about the collection and her illustrations:
Black and white with its clean lines and sharp contrasts are among my favorite approaches to this collection. The overall look of my sketches are strong and forces me to be bold with my line and silohette. There's a mensy feeling to Spectator with lots of jackets, coats and tailoring! The prints are often used to soften the menswear edge...The stripe hates added a touch of whimsy. The shoes and accessories were very important to the look... lots of spectator heels, and oversized bags in black and white. A shot of color in the accessories resulted in even more excitement. A winning collection.
A winning collection it is! I love all the layering of accessories; scarves, bags, shoes, hats, jewelry and even cigarettes! Isn't it funny to see cigarette's in designer fashion illustrations. Its like seeing them in a tv show or movie these days, it just doesn't seem kosher! But I love the ladies anyway, it just adds to the French vibe of the collection.

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Treacle said...

The black and white evening gown in the first sketch is divine. I'd love to see a sample of that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Treacle, that's my favorite sketch. It's amazing what simple black and white stripes can do.

Brooke said...

So true! Love that gown, and the illustration. That's why I made it the first image of the post. :) Thanks for commenting!