Carrie me Away

I stumbled upon the Sex and the City 2 trailer and now it's as though all is well in the world again (not to be dramatic or anything!) I couldn't be more excited. I miss Carrie and the girls, don't you? Inspired by the fabulous movie poster I drew my own Carrie complete with the gold aviators, c-c-curly dirty blond locks and her signature strut.
For the first movie I went to see it opening night with my girlfriends, but had serious doubts that it couldn't possibly live up to the series and I went in with very low expectations. Well was I ever wrong. I loved it! (After I drew "They're Back" showing the ladies in four of my favorite looks from the film.)

This time around consider the lesson learned, I'm getting excited starting now! How could you watch this trailer and not get excited!?!? It has NYC complete with fabulous fashions thanks of corse to the brilliant Patricia Field (whom I was lucky enough to intern for in the wardrobe department of SATC season 3 back in 2000), more international travel (my friends and I visited Egypt this past summer, I wonder if that's where they're vacationing, kind of looks like it), and I think I even spotted a wedding scene in there too!

Maybe after seeing the movie I'll illustrate the other three ladies as well. Miranda has been looking super chic these days, I bet she'll have a few fabulous fashion moments in this one. Until then, I hope you enjoy Carrie. I'll post her in the shop soon.

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JoaNNa said...

awesome illustration of Carrie! Can't wait to see the other 3 ladies ;)

randomfashionjourney said...

I like you sketches but just wish I could see a bigger version when I click on the images. Very expert use of markers, btw. :)

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

AMAZING! Just saw the trailer the other day at nine, CAN NOT WAIT!

melissa rose said...

*siiigh* can't wait for this. could these ladies be anymore fabulous?

p.s. still waiting for the new banner! loved "brooklit" btw!

Miss Journey said...

Oooo. LOVE IT!!!

I have to admit that I wasn't really a SATC fan, but after seeing the movie, I totally converted. I cannot wait for the second dose.

P.S. I think they are in Morocco in this one.

Brooke Hagel said...

Hey Melrose, this actually is the new banner! (Blog headed, if thats what your referring to) The old one was a generic font with inspirational words in light tones of pink.

Miss Journey, Morocco, really!?!? Thanks for the info! Haven't been there yet. :(

Sierra said...

Oh my goodness you did such a great job, I love how it turned out!! Can't wait for the movie, so excited!

Kristi said...

Oh I so agree with you! I am counting the days to May 28th. Thank you for your comment on my blog :) Hope you had a great day.


Miriam Schot said...

I love your illustrations!!!
I´m a fashion student and totally loved your work!!! Its really inspiring!